Harman coal stoves have been produced for more than three decades. The stoves are produced in Halifax, Pennsylvania, and adhere to the principles of great craftsmanship, aesthetically pleasing design, and ease of use. A clean, long-burning fire that may effectively complement or heat your whole home is provided using the most recent technology. Modern wood burning stoves are far more efficient than stoves used decades ago.

About Harman Coal Stoves

Steel or cast iron are the two primary materials used to construct Harman coal stoves. Welded steel stoves are said to look more contemporary, heat up fast, and cool down quickly when the fire has been extinguished. Steel stoves are the most effective at providing heat when you need it, and since they are often made of double-walled steel, you may install them closer to a wall than with other types of stoves. Any coal stove that is over fired (burning it too hot) should be avoided, but steel-built stoves that are over fired may cause fractures to form in the welded joints or even harm the steel itself.

On the other hand, cast iron has a more conventional look. If you’re searching for an overnight burn, they take longer to heat up but may provide a longer and more maintained heat. Homeowners who are seeking a more effective home heating equipment than merely supplementary heat often pick cast iron stoves.

Super Magnum Stoker

The revolutionary Verti-Flow System of the Super Magnum Stoker will feed the fire from its 10-pound capacity hopper automatically, so all you have to do is adjust the thermostat as well as take advantage of days’ worth of consistent heat production. The Magnum Stoker may be ducted straight into your living area with a six-inch duct option.

Mark I

Harman Mark I can burn coal efficiently enough to burn for a whole 24 hours. With the door closed, dust may be removed by shaking the fine ash produced by the grate system into the ash pan.


Steel that is 1/4″ thick is manufactured and robotically welded into the Mark II and Mark III coal stoves by Harman. Heat is distributed throughout your house, not up the chimney, thanks to the blower system and a carefully made baffle. Both are offered in a range of hues.


Heat is efficiently distributed throughout your house with the Magnafire SF-250’s motorized blower and optional heat collector. The SF-250‘s innovative Spiral Chamber System allows it to heat 3,000 square feet efficiently for more than 24 hours.

Featuring Legacy Stoves

Harman’s Legacy Stoves include tough construction, exceptional fit and finish, convenience, and great efficiency. One of the aforementioned Harman coal stoves from Legacy Stoves can help you maintain the correct temperature in your house at all times. Our coal stoves enable you to enjoy a cost-effective residential heating option while achieving and maintaining the warmth you seek. The temperature of your house may be easily controlled and managed all year long with the help of coal as well as wood boilers from Legacy Stoves.