Coal is hotter.

Anthracite coal burns hotter than gas, oil, pellets or wood. It produces an even heat and a higher level of BTU’s compared to other fuels.


Coal is cleaner.

Anthracite coal burns very clean with virtually no smoke or pariculate emissions. Emissions are below the EPA’s minimum/maximum requirements making anthracite one of the cleanest burning heating fuels available.


Coal is cost-effective

Anthracite coal is one of the most economical heating fuel sources. The cost per million BTUs for anthracite coal stoves is lower than gas, oil, electric, wood or pellet stoves.


Coal is safer.

There is no risk of a chimney fire due to creosote build up as anthracite coal does not produce any creosote. There are no worries about gas or fuel leaks and anthracite is ideal for long-term storage.


Coal is easier.

It comes in convenient 40 pound handled bags making it easy to carry. Anthracite coal stoves require less maintenance and have fewer parts to replace than other stove types.