Anthracite coal is the most preferred coal for heating buildings and homes. It stands out for its high-quality heat and unique nature to burn in a manner that is efficient and clean. The high-end coal variant is often heated using coal stoves. Coal stoves are available in a wide range of designs and construction, each featuring different attributes that provide an advantage over the next one. Stay tuned as we highlight and review different kinds of anthracite coal stoves out there.

Hand-Fed Stove

Also called a hand-fired stove, the hand-fed stove is a uniquely designed model operated manually. Essentially, you have to regulate heat output and load the fuel manually. The model functions similarly to wood stoves. After manually loading anthracite into the stove, you must watch and religiously tend to the fuel as it burns. You can buy a hand-fired stove as a room heater or a central heat furnace.

On the bright side, this kind of anthracite coal stove is quite pocket friendly but tends to be very intensive concerning effort and attention. Most people love hand-fed stoves because of this type’s simplicity. Hand-fired coal stoves are easy to install and will quickly heat any room.

Hand-fed Boiler

Another remarkable anthracite coal stove is the hand-fed boiler. It works to provide heat through hot water. It is a type of boiler designed with a water jacket that encapsulates the combustion chamber. Therefore, the heat emitted by the fire is subsequently transferred to the surrounding water.

Once the water has been heated, it can be used for domestic uses. As mentioned above, these hand-fed units require a fair amount of attention. Even so, boiler stoves are slightly more costly than a hand-fed furnaces but deliver multiple cost-friendly functionalities in the long run.

Stoker Stove

The stoker uses a large hopper to feed coal into the combustion chamber. It is much easier to use, and the stove requires little attention. Yet, they come with a higher price tag, which is worth it, considering their immense convenience.

You can buy a stoker stove as a room heater or a central heat furnace. Either way, you simply fill the hopper with coal. A single hopper filling can last up to 7 days. These units heat air which is then blown throughout the home.

Stoker Boiler

The stoker boiler is similar to a stoker stove and furnace. A stoker boiler still automatically burns hard coal as it is fed from a large hopper. However, a stoker boiler heats water, which is circulated throughout the home. A boiler heats by radiation which keeps the house at more even temperatures. Boilers can also heat domestic water, and you can pipe the heat to various outbuildings. There are also outdoor coal stokers that hold enough coal to last 30 days.

Time to Choose the Right Anthracite Coal Stove

From what we have seen, anthracite coal stoves are available in various designs and models with exceptional attributes and advantages. When selecting an ideal anthracite stove, you should look for crucial attributes such as its maintenance needs, cost, efficiency, and convenience.