Americans use gas and oil boilers all over the country. However, the skyrocketing energy cost has many people looking for alternatives, and one of the most popular is coal stoves. Below are some reasons why this is the case. 

They’re Affordable

Coal is highly affordable, costing about $250-$300 for each ton. Even better, it can be delivered directly to your home. To give you an idea of how much coal a typical American home utilizes, between two and eight tons of coal every winter. For oil to cost the same as coal, even with coal being $300 per ton, oil would have to cost $1.50 per gallon. It is currently at $5.13 per gallon.

They’re Less Hazardous

Anthracite consists of coal which doesn’t emit harmful particles or smoke. Anthracite burns clean and generates no creosote, which might spark a fire. Wood fires release creosote while burning, which might attach to the flue. If the substance accumulates and you do not regularly clean it, this could create a hazardous chimney fire. 

It Doesn’t Take Up Much Space

If you live in a smaller home or building, you probably don’t want to use more space than necessary. Coal is advantageous since a ton of coal won’t occupy more than forty cubic feet. This is much better than wood which takes up nearly twice that space, and you must store it in a way that avoids exposure to snow, rain, or moisture. Coal, by contrast, can handle temperature fluctuations and be left outside within bins without worry. It is impervious to rot, which is excellent for preppers who want to save it for emergencies. 

Burns Longer

Did you know that coal burns longer than wood? A single pound of anthracite nearly doubles the heat in a pound of wood and which means you can fit twice the amount of fuel in the firebox. The ability to hold double the energy lends that coal is better suited to heating bigger spaces, and it generates more heat overall. Finally, unlike wood, which has to be split, cut, and stacked, this extra labor isn’t necessary for coal. 

Doesn’t Have to Be Seasoned

Many people don’t realize that wood must be seasoned thoroughly before being burned in stoves. In other words, the firewood must be air dried at approximately twenty percent moisture content before being considered ideal. Bear in mind, though, that this process could take up to eight months. By contrast, coal doesn’t require seasoning because its moisture content is practically non-existent. Those that purchase their coal from a dependable supplier that offers clean anthracite also won’t have to worry about pollutants or dust.

Immense Global Supply

Another advantage of anthracite coal is that there is an ample supply available. Conservative estimates put the total USA supply at about four million tons, which would last about 400 years at current consumption rates. With large amounts of anthracite coal yet to be touched, you and your descendants will have ample energy supplies for centuries.

Less Government and Corporate Control

Governments and corporations heavily control energy resources such as natural gas and oil. For example, the current war between Russia and Ukraine is causing hardship in the European Union since many countries depend on Russian oil and natural gas. Coal is still available and far less susceptible to geopolitical influence.