Coal is a dependable fuel source that has been used for centuries. It has many applications, including heating and generating electricity. However, some coal stokers have trouble feeding if it becomes wet, not to mention the rusting of the stoker’s hopper. That is why it is imperative to have a proper coal storage unit, especially when winter comes. Building an excellent coal storage bin is straightforward. Here is a comprehensive guide on how to go about it.

Find and Select an Ideal Location

You first have to select a good area where you will build a storage bin for the coal. An ideal location for storing coal should be convenient and accessible above everything else. In addition, it ought to be on a leveled surface without any obstruction in place. Your preferred location should also have proper drainage. Most importantly, determine if the areas conform to the prevailing building codes and zoning laws.

Come Up with a Suitable Size for the Storage Unit

After choosing a suitable location to put up the storage unit for your coal, you will not have to come up with the dimensions or size specifications for the compartment. Your choice regarding sizing and measurements should be guided by the quantity of coal you intend to store and your storage requirements. It would be best to keep the coal’s delivery frequency in mind.

Coal uses roughly 40 cubic feet per ton. If you typically use 4 tons per year and would like to only fill the bin once per season, you would need a bin with 160 cubic feet. A 5ft x 7ft x 5ft bin will hold this amount nicely.

Create a Proper Design for the Storage Compartment

Now that you have an ideal area and have determined the storage compartment’s dimensions, you must create a proper design. There are several factors you need to consider when doing that. To begin with, you ought to remember your budget. You should also factor in the intended storage capacity and the weight of the coal. If you are unloading the coal from the bin with an auger, it is helpful to have the bottom tapered.

Ideally, the design should take your insulation and ventilation needs into account. If you load wet coal into the bin and do not allow it to drain, it will freeze solid if exposed to the cold. Your final design should incorporate sufficient space for unloading and loading coal.

Time to Expertly Build Your Coal Storage Unit

Putting up an effective and functional coal storage compartment is not as difficult as most people imagine. All you need is the right tools and materials and a clear guide to help. Building a great storage unit for your coal should be easy with our procedure.