Is a stove or fireplace better for your home? This is a hot issue that more individuals are asking about these days.

Although wood stoves, coal stoves as well as multi fuel stoves are becoming popular, fireplaces are undoubtedly the more conventional choice. But before you jump in and make a choice, there are a number of things to think about. The decision to install stoves or a fireplace in your house will be explained in detail in this article.

Do You Have a Chimney?

When picking between a fireplace and a stove, a lot will rely on the fact that you already have a chimney.

A stove, a gas fireplace, as well as an open fire may be placed in an existing chimney. When installing a stove, adding a flue liner and stove pipe will be added to your costs. An inset fire can also be utilized with a chimney that already exists since it can be installed into the chamber.

If you don’t have a chimney, you have a limited number of options. The first choice is an electric fire, which just requires a socket and doesn’t need any kind of chimney.

If you have gas hookup but no chimney, you may still build a gas fire. For gas fireplaces, you have two choices: a flueless gas fire that converts the gas into a safe vapor, or a balanced flue gas fire that needs to be vented via an outside wall.

If you don’t have a chimney, another option is a power flue gas fire, that draws gasses from a rear vent while being powered by a fan.

Cost of Fireplaces vs Stoves

You should choose a fireplace if cost is a major consideration for you when deciding between a fireplace and a stove. Generally speaking, fireplaces are less expensive to purchase than stoves, however you would be shocked by how many stoves these days are so reasonably priced.

Any installation charges must also be considered. A wood burner must be equipped with a flue system, and if it is installed in a chimney, it also needs a flue liner. Will you need to do any construction work to have it installed, even if that isn’t always the case with a fire (if you have an electric fire, for example).

The kind of appliance you have will impact your operating expenses and how much it will cost to heat your house. An electric fire is one of the most costly forms of heat since it doesn’t create as much heat as a flueless gas fire, which is often the most affordable option to heat your house. Of course, the cost of creating a fire will depend on the cost of gas and electricity.

The price of a stove depends on how much fuel you use, whether it burns wood or a variety of fuels. But generally speaking, the price to heat a regular sized room will fall between that of a gas and an electric fire. Our anthracite stove from Legacy Stoves uses anthracite coal, one of the most cost-effective heating fuel sources, if cost of fuel source is another major consideration. In terms of price per million BTUs, anthracite coal is less expensive than oil, gas pellets, electricity, or wood.