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Heating Area (SQ FT.)

1,500 - 4,200

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SF 270 is a heating option that’s powerful and flexible. The upgraded version of the SF 360. Comes ready for a domestic hot water coil (optional) – allowing you to heat your home your drinking water as well.

  • Heating is extended by completely burning fuel to fine ash with the Legacy Grate System
  • 120,000 BTUs — Based on climate and home efficiency, heats 2,100 to 3,800 square feet
  • Consistent heat levels are ensured by the heavy-duty water-cooled baffle
  • Nut, pea, or stove-sized coal
  • New! Listed with Intertek Laboratories (WH mark)!
  • New! Included with ASME H stamp!
  • New! High-quality powder coat finish!
  • New! 55% more heat exchange surface area than the SF260 and 33% more than the SF360 (the SF160/SF260/SF360 are discontinued models)

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*Price includes temporary steel surcharge*

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Efficiency Chart

Based on the used fuel type, the output of heat will vary. And depending on the utilized venting configuration and burned fuel type, the appearance of the ember and flame may vary. The product’s actual appearance, especially the flame may differ from the displayed image. For complete clearance requirements and specifications, please refer to the Owners Manual. Without notice, pricing and product specifications are subjected to change. Please refer to the owners/installation manual for listing information and testing.

*For select products: Heating capacity must be used only as a guide. For assistance in deciding which product is best suited for your needs based on home efficiency and climate, be sure to see your local dealer.

For wood-burning appliances: Based on how the appliance is operated, moisture content and used type of wood, load size, and installation, actual burn time will vary.