With so many ways to heat our homes these days, it’s no wonder we can get confused and even overwhelmed over which option to go with. One of the very first things you have to consider before making a decision is by choosing space or central heating. These two heating systems differ from each other and offer various heating needs. In order to ensure your home receives the right amount of heat and is within your budget, here’s how you can decide between space and central heating.

What Are Space Heaters?

Before getting into the differences, let’s discuss space heaters and space heating. Space heaters, commonly referred to as stoves, are described as localized heating sources. Since they are single-units and self-contained, they do not provide means of distributing heat throughout the entire house, and instead, focus on a specific area. Coal stoves are connected to a chimney or some can be direct vented. If you’re looking to just provide heating for one room, space heaters are the way to go.

What Are Central Heaters?

Central heaters, on the other hand, provide heating for the entire house. The unit is usually placed in a centralized area like the garage or basement and can put heat throughout the house by a hydronic water heating system, which is a series of pipes that distribute heat in the form of warm water. The warm water radiates its heat using baseboard or cast-iron radiators, or in-floor heating to name a few.  Another way central heaters can put heat throughout the house is by a forced-air system, which is a network of ducts that carry the heated air. A blower circulates air from the central heater to the house and back again. Considering that central heaters have the ability to warm the entire house, the installation and maintenance typically cost higher than space heaters and require much more work. Some central heaters can also be controlled to heat up rooms where it’s needed by adding multiple “zones”.

Which to Choose: Space or Central Heating?

If you’re living in a smaller apartment or in a climate that is relatively warm, we recommend going with space heaters, which are smaller and more portable than central heaters. However, although space heaters do consume lesser energy compared to central heaters, they are not a practical option for bigger homes.

In contrary, central heaters are more suitable for homes that are bigger and situated in a colder climate. Due to the amount of work they do, central heaters tend to be more expensive than space heaters, and require more attention and maintenance to avoid complications. While many people would automatically assume central heaters are the costly option, that’s not always the case as it depends on the house. If a home is well-designed, a central heater will be more practical due to its functions and cost.

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