Those who live in the northern hemisphere want to stay as warm as possible during winter. However, the cost required to keep the house warm is higher than cooling it, so below are some recommendations for staying warm when the temperature drops.

Purchase an Intelligent Thermostat

An intelligent thermostat is a device that automatically controls temperatures within your home. It will lower the temperature when the family is not present and increase it again after you return, maximizing efficiency and reducing your monthly power bill. 

Use Your Electric Blanket

If you don’t already have an electric blanket, you’ll definitely want to get one. Heated blankets are more cost-effective than space heaters. Though they resemble standard blankets at first glance, they have heating elements that generate heat. The downside is that they will only heat you. Still, they require far less power than traditional heating systems, requiring 100 to 150W for their operation.

Install Carpeting

According to physics, cold air is denser than hot air. Therefore, cold air is heavier. The cold air that accumulates near the floor will make your feet cold. Installing a carpet will give your feet warmth without expending energy to boost the temperature. Carpet or rugs will also act as insulation.

Pay Utility Bills Using Your Credit Card

Suppose you use your credit card to pay your utility bill each month. In that case, some companies provide cash-back bonuses, which means you can begin putting money back into your pocket. While it isn’t much in the short term, it can turn into quite a sum over the long term.

Centralize Heating through Connecting an Efficient Hot Furnace

Hot furnaces are highly efficient due to their ingenious design. They feature a spiral heat exchanger that is full-sized within their combustion chamber. It will extract all the available heat via burned anthracite coal, which results in extremely low flue temperatures. These furnaces also come with a 1400 CFM style fan which is variable speed and controlled via a system that matches the level of heat generated by its anthracite within the burn grate.

Buying and installing a furnace will seem expensive initially. Do not worry. You will save in the long run—savings from not burning the skyrocketing oil or natural gas prices. 

The furnace provides continual heat output, which keeps its ductwork warm and provides a balanced temperature with the fan running. Depending on the model you purchase, a cold air return case with an inlet and slide-in style filter will keep the space dust free. The radiant heat from the furnace front will keep the surrounding area dry and warm.

Use a Space Heater

Space heaters are ideal for circumstances when you only need to heat a single room. They are inexpensive, portable, and take up little room. While their use will raise your energy bill, it will be significantly cheaper than the cost of central heating. Infrared heaters, in particular, are highly recommended since they heat quickly and have a 40% better efficiency than other heating solutions.

Install Dark Window Curtains

Do you know that dark window curtains, especially black ones, can create free heat? Install them on windows facing the sun because the sunlight will heat the curtains. Since the curtains are facing inside, the heat radiates into the room. It works similarly to a greenhouse in that it keeps your room warm without raising your heating costs.

Insulate your Attic

Insulating your attic is one of the wisest measures you can take if you have one. Insulating the attic is essential because attics represent one of the most significant sources of heat loss. Recall that hot air rises while cold air sinks, implying that insulated attics trap heat while non-insulated attics will not. If you have the time, motivation, and resources, you can do the insulation yourself.