Of course, the stove is not used as much during the summer but as winter approaches, we have to make sure our house stays warm and comfortable. This is where your coal stove comes in. However, before starting any fires, make sure to check your stove to ensure it’s well-prepared. The stove should be cold and the ash door should be cracked open throughout the summertime in order to prevent rusting. In this article, we have prepared a checklist for you to prepare the coal stove for winter.

Sweep The Chimney

In actuality, we have to clean our chimney and its liner at least once a year to eliminate any buildup of tar or creosote. However, if you are burning hard coal all the time, you will not come across these substances, which can pose a significant fire hazard and cause carbon monoxide to fill the house. Therefore, it is still a good practice to clean your chimney at least once a year. Failure to clean the chimney regularly and a blocked flue can also reduce its efficiency over time.

Ensure The Door Gasket Seal Properly

A well-sealed door allows the coal stove to work safely and efficiently. The door gasket on a coal stove should be replaced every 3 years. The better the doors seal the better the air flows through, which helps prevent soot buildup and carbon monoxide leaks and makes it easier for you to light fires. This also makes sure that the air ventilating inside the stove comes from the intake air vents and not from the gaps of the door, which can cause the stove to be uncontrollable. Verify the door seal is not missing any pieces. Check the tightness of the door seal by closing the door on a piece of paper, the door should hold it and should be somewhat difficult to pull the paper out. Purchase your gasket and gasket cement at your local dealer or online with Legacy Stoves.

Check The Viewing Door Glass

While you’re checking for the door, take this time to ensure the viewing door glass is clean as well. If it’s not, you can simply clean it with newspaper or purchase specific glass cleaners out in the market. If your glass needs to be replaced, call your local dealer or you can buy it online.

Clean The Stove’s Exterior

It’s crucial to ensure that the stove is not rusted as it can reduce the efficiency of your stove. Rust can be easily cleaned with a wire brush and steel wool. As your stove is currently unused, take this opportunity to clean the exterior and touch up any paint that has peeled off. Do take note that the paint you use should be heat resistant. Alternatively, you can use a black grate polish to finish off the exterior.

Replace The Firebricks

Overheating of the stove can cause the material to wear out over time and other surrounding materials to catch fire, which can prove dangerous. As such, it’s important to replace any firebricks that are missing or broken, in order to protect the metal of the stove. Although it may not be a huge cause of concern, using an insufficient amount of firebricks can also result in the stove cracking.

Maintain The Fire Grates

Are your fire grates distorted or not fitting well? Toss them out immediately and replace them with new ones. Grates tend to wear out over time due to constant exposure to high temperatures, which can jam up the stove and cause complications.