If you are thinking of switching over to a coal stove, there are two main things that you would think about – how many BTUs it takes to heat your home and what is the current cost of those BTUs, now compare that to Anthracite Coal. Beyond this, there are definitely also additional factors like how much the coal stove itself costs, the installation costs, and does it fit your lifestyle.

If this is unknown territory for you, the amount of information available can be overwhelming. Here’s an easy guide to get you started.

Coal is the Cheapest per BTU

One of the reasons why coal stoves can help to save money is because it is a dense fuel. Per pound, Anthracite contains roughly 13,000 BTUs. This is significantly longer than just regular wood which is roughly 8,600.  Overall, that means you can essentially burn less coal and still keep your home or establishment warm for a longer period of time. Research has shown that anthracite coal actually produces more BTUs of heat than most other fuels except for natural gas. Combined with the fact that coal is a source of stable energy that is amongst the cheapest on the market, it is an extremely cost-effective energy source to leverage on.

Coal Stoves Offer Versatility

Coal is a dense material that requires specific conditions in order to burn efficiently. In particular, coal needs a source of air that comes from below the fire. This is generally achieved by having a grate at the bottom. This is not present in other forms of stoves like wood stoves. What this means is that you are able to burn other materials in a coal stove, but it might not be efficient or even possible to burn coal in your woodstove. This is why coal stoves are sometimes also known as multi-fuel stoves. By opting for a coal stove, you are able to secure a means to work with whatever type of fuel is most convenient and cost-efficient.

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No matter which way you look at it, coal stoves are more likely to help you and your household save money as compared to other forms of stoves. Coal is cost-effective, it produces a higher amount of BTUs per unit, and it is convenient and easy to handle, available in 40-lbs bags. For those who are concerned about the environment, anthracite coal has been shown to have little to no smoke or particulate emissions, making it one of the cleanest burning heating fuels you can opt for. The land that anthracite coal is mined from is actually being reclaimed and restored. These companies are leaving it better than they found it.

Units Equivalent MMBtu/unit BTU per lb Cost per unit
Cord wood cord 1 22,000,000 7,500-8,600  $         250.00
Anthracite ton 1 26,000,000 13,000  $         210.00
Pellets ton 1.63 16,500,000 8,000-8,600  $         250.00
Natural Gas therm 250 100,000 na  $              1.31
Fuel Oil gal 186 139,600 na  $              3.59
Propane gal 284 84,000 na  $              3.39
Electric kwhs 7620 3,412 na  $              0.17

Example of how to use the chart…

If you use 1,000 gallons of fuel oil to heat your home and if you pay $3.59 per gallon that will cost you $3,590. 1000 gallons of fuel oil equals 139,600,000 btus.

Since 1 ton of coal equals 26,000,000 btus. It will take 5.4 tons of coal to equal 1,000 gallons of fuel oil. 5.4 tons of anthracite coal will cost $1,134.

Switching to coal would save nearly $2,500 every year!

Here at Legacy Stoves, we believe that stoves are not just a heating option for your home. They serve as the heart of the home and legacy for the future generations that live in your home. This is why it is important to have quality options that can serve your home effectively over decades. Not only can you easily find amazing coal stoves at our online store, but you will also be able to purchase replacement parts and accessories to maintain your stove.