During winter, a quality furnace is one of the most important assets you can have in your home. However, like anything made by man, these heating systems are subjected to mechanical breakdown. You and your loved ones may not be staying warm in the comfort of your home. Continue reading as below are some reasons you will want to replace your furnace. 

Repair Costs

Repairing your current furnace would cost just about as much as a replacement coal furnace. So, if you have the opportunity to get a brand-new furnace for the same price as a repair, why not do so? The advantage of this is clear; you will not only not have to deal with any other issues cropping up with the old furnace, but you will also have a new furnace with a long life. This would be much more beneficial towards the financial health of your home.

High Fuel Costs

Are you spending too much on fuel prices with your electric or oil furnaces? Increased heating costs are no surprise as oil, electric, and gas fuel prices have increased exorbitantly within the past year. Making the switch to a coal furnace will reduce your heating costs. Coal furnaces employ low-cost fuel, such as anthracite rice, nut, or stove coal, which is widely available, inexpensive, and easily stored. These furnaces have an average lifespan of 20 years, allowing you to repay the original expenses quickly. For instance, a home of 1,200-3,500 square feet will consume 1-4 tons of coal each year, which is typically affordably priced at roughly $280 per ton. 

It is also much easier to keep coal at home, which is not the case with wood stacks. Coal requires less storage space than wood. Furthermore, rain, snow, or changing temperatures will not rot or deteriorate your coal. However, with wood, you would need a nice woodshed with adequate ventilation to keep the proper moisture levels.

Increased Prices of Electricity

Are you tired of setting the thermostat low, so you do not have to spend too much on your utility bills? Suppose your electric bills are rising but you have not changed your routine. In that case, you may have an outdated furnace squandering energy or your cost per kilowatt increased.

Consider a coal furnace, it will ultimately pay for itself in decreased utility expenses, in as little as 3 years. A coal furnace uses low-cost fuel to keep you and your loved ones warm in various weather conditions, minimizing your utility bills.

Frequent Breakdowns

If you have an older furnace that is not working correctly, other parts may be on their way out. After a catastrophic failure or more than a few minor problems, you could perhaps replace your furnace since repair expenses may only rise. Repairs might end up costing more than purchasing a new furnace. Furthermore, suppose your furnace continues to break down. In that case, you will regularly be chilly and unpleasant in your house.

Steps for Replacing Your Old Furnace

Installing a new furnace can be a complex procedure, which is why hiring a licensed technician is vital. They will assess your existing furnace and carefully remove it before installing the new one. They will make recommendations regarding the best model to install. We recommend performing the procedure during summer as demand tends to be lower. You might be able to get a better deal and save some money. Get in contact with one of our knowledgeable dealers today!