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TLC 2000

TLC 2000

Limited Lifetime Warranty
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Maximum BTUS


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Heating Area (SQ FT.)

1,200 - 3,000

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The TLC 2000 is a powerhouse ready to perform! The ability to be used as a cooking grill makes it our most versatile coal stove. Heat your home, and enjoy a traditional relaxing fire or create a delicious char-grilled meal. The TLC delivers.

*shown with optional SS trim kit and air grille

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Well Designed

  • Designed to last a lifetime, be easily maintained, and burn efficiently. Heavy welded steel firebox. Fire brick-lined firebox. Extra deep coal bed. Legacy grate system. Variable-speed blower (optional). Large ash pan.
top loading

Top Loading Coal

  • Loading the firebox from the top makes the task hassle-free. No more shoveling trying to fill the firebox, just pour the coal in the top.
larg ash pan tlc

Large Ash Pan

  • Convenient large ash pan means emptying less often.

Unmatched Burn Time

  • With the extra deep firebox, you will be able to get a burn time of up to 48 hoursfrom each load of coal. (depending on demand)No Electricity Needed
  • Without needing electricity, it can still generate powerful heat. All that is needed is the draft from your chimney and a bucket of coal and you will never be without heat when you need it.

No Electricity Needed

  • Powerful heat without needing electricity. All that is needed is the draft from your chimney and a bucket of coal and you will never be with out heat when you need it.

Adjustable Combustion Air

  • Precisely adjust the combustion air to alter fire size. With three separate adjustable air intakes, you can accurately control how much heat the TLC 2000 will produce.

Superb View of the Fire

  • Enjoy the relaxing coal fire through the large loading door glass.

Model Specifications

Front Width

25 3/4"




18 1/2"


425 lbs.

Firebox Opening

17 5/8" x 12 7/16"

BTU/Hour Input


Heating Capacity

1,200-3,000 sq ft.

Fuel Type

Coal (pea, nut or stove-sized)

Efficiency Chart

Depending on the used type of fuel, the heat output will vary. Based on the utilized venting configuration and the type of fuel burned, the appearance of the ember and flame may vary. The product’s actual appearance, especially the flame may differ from the displayed image. For complete clearance requirements and specifications, please refer to the Owners Manual. Without notice, pricing and product specifications are subjected to change. Please refer to the owners/installation manual for listing information and testing.

*For select products: Heating capacity must be used only as a guide. For assistance in deciding which product is best suited for your needs based on home efficiency and climate, be sure to see your local dealer.

  • Variable speed blower
  • Cooking grill
  • Modern brushed stainless trim
  • Top air grille with brushed stainless trim