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Heating Area (SQ FT.)

1,000 - 4,000

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The Coal Gun is a coal stoker boiler. This automated coal boiler is made in southern Pennsylvania. The operation involves three easy steps add coal, dump ash and repeat every 2–7 days (varying on demand). We use thick, high-quality steel that gives you a lifetime of service.

The Coal Gun uses our trademark Thermo Ash-Regulating Control System. This system constantly monitors the burn rate to ensure each ounce of coal yields its maximum heat capacity. Because we monitor the ash temperature, your coal boiler will efficiently burn coal all year. This eliminates the need to alter the auger/grate feed rate or the combustion fan speed.

Engineered to burn Pea-sized Anthracite coal, every Coal Gun unit ensures the least work, nominal expense, optimum fuel efficiency, and maximum burn time.

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The Coal Gun cuts down on nearly 70% of our customer’s heating expenses with traditional oil, gas, or electric systems.

Though mainly used with hydronic heating systems. The Coal Gun can also be used with forced hot air or steam heating systems.

How it Works

Pea or buckwheat-sized anthracite coal is transferred to the coal pot through the gravity feed hopper. A fan-induced draft pulls air through the barrel, enhancing the combustion of the coal. The hot exhaust gasses then spin through our unique swirl chamber heat exchanger and into the cyclone separator, where any fly ash is removed.

The amount of fuel used depends on a great many factors, including the weather, type of installation, and building construction. Due to its high efficiency, the Coal Gun uses less fuel than other units on the market and will substantially reduce your annual heating costs.

Coal Gun boilers are created to be the last coal boiler you ever need to purchase. All in all, they are also easy to maintain, as they only need yearly cleaning. Our coal boilers are made by expert craftsmen and are over-engineered for lifetime durability. This is why many of our units are into their fourth decade of heating.

Coal Guns come with an incredible 20-year guarantee on the vessel. An entire lifetime guarantee guarantees the grate in the S130 and s260 Coal Guns.

Standard equipment includes an insulated boiler jacket, enclosed motor and drive systems, primary and backup aquastat thermostats, Thermo ash-monitoring control, pressure relief valve, ash pan, and square hopper with cover.

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Model Specifications

BTU/Hour Input

130,000 (more sizes available)

Heating Capacity (sqft)

1,000 - 4,000

Approximate Water Capacity (gal)


Flue Size (in)


Hopper Capacity (lbs)


Width (in)


Height (top of hopper) (in)


Length (in)


Supply and Rerturn Tappings (in)

1 1/2

Efficiency Chart

Depending on the used type of fuel, the heat output will vary. Based on the utilized venting configuration and the type of fuel burned, the appearance of the ember and flame may vary. The product’s actual appearance, especially the flame may differ from the displayed image. For complete clearance requirements and specifications, please refer to the Owners Manual. Without notice, pricing and product specifications are subjected to change. Please refer to the owners/installation manual for listing information and testing.

*For select products: Heating capacity must be used only as a guide. For assistance in deciding which product is best suited for your needs based on home efficiency and climate, be sure to see your local dealer.

For wood-burning appliances: Based on how the appliance is operated, moisture content and used type of wood, load size, and installation, actual burn time will vary.