Have you been researching how to cook on a coal stove? A coal stove while traditionally not used for cooking, people with their creative minds have come up with inventive ways to make full use of the energy produced via coal in recent years. People who are thinking of ways to cook on a coal stove have landed at the correct article. With a few useful accessories, you could even prepare a quick meal or cook some slow food using these piping hot ovens. Keep reading!

Use a Toasting Fork

Just as you would use a toasting fork to roast marshmallows over a barbeque session, you want to use a toasting fork with your coal stove too!

As the family gathers together for a chill night of catching up, grab your bag of marshmallows and some long toasting forks to make warm, brown, and yummy marshmallows. Or you can also find a way to hang those toasting forks with bread to make crispy toast with jam to start the cool morning right.

Take Advantage of the Ash Pan

There are numerous foil-wrapped recipes, and a quick search online can reveal a full list of them. Some of our old-time favorites include sweet corn, baked potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

Since these foods usually take some time to cook, you will want to put them in the ash pan of your coal stove way in advance before dinner time. If not, you could also drop them in the evening and have those treats for late-night supper. Just remember to wrap it up tightly with aluminum foil if you don’t want to get any ash on your food.

Benefit From the Hot Blanking Plate

Your coal stove’s top plate can act as an induction cooktop for all you can whip up. You can use it to warm some soup, boil some water for tea, and even fix up scrambled eggs for breakfast.

Those who have a cast iron pot can also consider using it as an oven to make some delicious homemade pizzas or create comfort foods like stews. It’s really up to your imagination how you want to use the hot top plate to your preference.

Beware of Burns and Food Residues

With all that said above, remember that a coal stove’s primary purpose is to keep your house warm and cozy when temperatures dip. Since its main aim is not to cook a range of delicacies, you must be mindful of possible burns and scalds.

Keep children away while cooking and ensure that it’s in a place not that readily accessible by those kiddos. Be cautious also not to leave behind any food residues that might affect the functionality of your coal stove in the long run.

Cooking on a coal stove is definitely not an everyday affair. It can be especially useful when power supplies are cut or gas is temporarily unavailable. While it can be fun to research, it will take some trial and error for you to perfect the art of cooking on a coal stove. Be extra careful not to injure yourself while at it!