When most people think of coal stoves, the first thing that comes to mind is having to load the coal into the stove 3 and 4 times a day to ensure that it continues producing heat. Despite the benefits of using coal as a fuel source, this can be a level of commitment that not everyone is willing or capable of putting in. A coal stoker stove can bridge that gap, offering both a cost-effective solution and romanticism of a beautiful fire without having to constantly ensure that the fire goes out. Here’s more information on how a coal stoker stove works.

What Is A Coal Stoker Stove?

A coal stoker stove comes with an automatic feeder unit and an attached coal hopper. This means that several days’ worth of coal can be stored in the hopper and dispensed at a feed rate that is able to maintain the temperature that you want. On top of this, coal stoker stoves come with sophisticated blower systems and temperature controls that can ensure that your home is heated the way that you need.

Installing Coal Stoker Stoves

Installing a coal stoker stove is a simple task, it simply requires attention to the installation manual and some labor. If your installation is flawed, it might lead to improper ventilation, or worse. Coal stoker stoves require electricity for installation and operation. Our stoker stove is not connected to a thermostat which requires additional installation. Our stoker stoves come with a temperature sensor and are adjusted conveniently on the stove.

Traditional Hand Fired vs Coal Stoker Stoves

The largest benefit of a stoker coal stove is that, unlike a hand-fired stove, less maintenance is required to ensure heating. All that is required on a regular basis is to stock the hopper full of coal and to regularly empty the ash pan as necessary. This means that you can easily forget about feeding more fuel for up to five days.
The downside, however, is that a stoker coal stove will require electricity in order for the automated hopper and temperature controls to work. This means that if your power goes out, the fire will inevitably go out. This can be worrying if you live in an area with a colder climate that is prone to power outages.

Get A Quality Coal Stoker Stove from Legacy Stoves

At Legacy Stoves, we offer a wide range of different coal stove types ranging from stoker stoves to traditional hand-fired options. Choosing the right stove is not just about your financial budget and getting a reliable heating source, but also about finding the right option that suits your lifestyle. When you choose to get an appliance with us, you can be sure that our team is ready and happy to help you get the best product, or even the accessories and parts needed to maintain your current heating system.

For more information on coal stoker stoves and their functions, contact us today.